Recent Press Releases

Date Title
9/22/12 Senate Passes Thune Bill to Block European Airline Tax on U.S. Carriers, Passengers
9/20/12 Thune, Sessions Call on OMB to Provide Missing Sequestration Details
9/18/12 Thune Presses IHS and VA to Evaluate Service Agreements
9/17/12 Thune Requests Relocation of Breath Alcohol Testing Mobile for Great Plains Region
9/14/12 Report Confirms Dramatic, Disproportionate Cuts Threaten National Defense
9/12/12 Thune, Conrad, Hoeven, Johnson, and Tester Request Hearing on Corps of Engineers’ Proposal to Charge Fees for Missouri River Water Usage
9/11/12 Thune Statement on Anniversary of September 11th Attacks
8/21/12 Thune: American Farm Bureau Federation Report Shows Significant Negative Impact of Death Tax in South Dakota
8/16/12 Delegation Announces Major Upgrade to Sioux Falls Weather Radar
8/15/12 Thune Nominates Sioux Falls Couple for “Angels in Adoption” Award
8/14/12 Thune, Grassley Question Obama Administration on Taxpayer Funding of Faltering Battery Manufacturer Following Planned Chinese Investment
8/7/12 Thune-Sessions Sequestration Transparency Bill Signed into Law
8/1/12 Thune Pushes Vilsack to Open Wetlands CRP Acres
7/31/12 Committee Approves Thune Bill to Block European Tax on Flights in U.S. Airspace
7/26/12 Senate Passes Thune-Sessions Sequestration Transparency Act
7/25/12 Thune Denounces Senate Failure to Protect Small Businesses and Middle Class Families
7/23/12 Thune Reacts to CRP AnnouncementThune Reacts to CRP Announcement
7/18/12 Thune, Sessions Praise Bipartisan House Passage of Sequestration Transparency Act
7/17/12 Thune Asks South Dakota Producers for Disaster Input
7/17/12 New Report Shows Disastrous Economic Consequences of Small Business Tax Hike
7/11/12 Senator Thune's Office Accepting Fall Internship Applications
7/10/12 Thune Presses Vilsack to Open CRP Acres
6/28/12 Thune to Continue Push for Full Repeal of ObamaCare
6/25/12 Grassley, Thune Continue to Seek Answers on Federal Loan to Luxury Car Maker
6/21/12 Senate Adopts Thune-Sessions Sequestration Transparency Plan