Recent Press Releases

Date Title
5/11/06 Thune: Senate Armed Services Committee Authorizes $5 Million for Rosebud Electronic Center
5/11/06 Thune Comments on US Army Corps of Engineers Spring Pulse
5/11/06 Thune Backs Bill to Allow U.S. Companies to Compete with China, Cuba for Energy Resources off American Coastline
5/9/06 Thune Announces $3.38 Million Rural Development Loan
5/9/06 Thune Announces Funding for Whitewood
5/8/06 Thune Garners Wide Bipartisan Support in Effort to Bolster U.S. Ethanol Production
5/4/06 Thune Proposal Would Add $20 Million for Veterans Health Care
5/4/06 Joint Statement of U.S. Sens. Chuck Grassley and John Thune: Tariff on Imported Ethanol
5/4/06 Senator Thune Commemorates the National Day of Prayer
4/27/06 Thune Introduces Plan to Lift Federal Gas Tax
4/18/06 Thune Applauds Nomination of Portman as Budget Director
4/17/06 Delegation Announces Audit to be Conducted on Aberdeen Post Office Services
4/14/06 Thune: Transfer of Homestake Ownership to South Dakota Improves Chances for NSF Lab
4/11/06 Thune Sends Letter in Support of Cheyenne River Sioux Tribe's Funding Needs
4/10/06 Thune: Ellsworth Wins Financial Services and Call Center
4/7/06 Thune, Obama Introduce Measure to Greatly Increase Availability of Alternative Fuels for American Consumers
3/30/06 Thune Fights to Return Blunt Reservoir and Pierre Canal Land Conveyance to Original Land Owners
3/16/06 Sens. Thune and Salazar Introduce Rural Veterans Care Act
3/15/06 Thune: Pine Ridge to Receive Much-Needed COPS Money
3/14/06 Thune Awarded 2006 Telehealth Leader of the Year Award
3/10/06 Thune Meets with IHS Director to Discuss Wagner ER and Native American Health Issues
3/8/06 Thune Cosponsors Bill to Allow Gas, Oil Exploration in Gulf of Mexico
3/7/06 Senate Passes Bill to Accelerate Release of LIHEAP Funds
3/7/06 Senator Thune Comments on Ways to Reduce America's Dependence on Oil
3/7/06 Johnson, Thune and Herseth Continue to Fight for Ellsworth Call Center