Recent Press Releases

Date Title
9/10/09 Thune to Oppose OMB Nominee Cass Sunstein
9/9/09 Thune Biofuel Program Underway
9/9/09 Thune Responds to President Obama's Address
9/1/09 Thune Advocates for More Biofuel Production and Consumption at Field Hearing
8/31/09 Thune Nominates Brookings Couple for "Angels in Adoption" Award
8/26/09 Thune Statement on the Passing of Senator Edward Kennedy
8/20/09 Thune Announces Funding for Mobile Dental Service for Children
8/18/09 Senator Thune to host Town Hall Meetings in Huron and Rapid City
8/17/09 Senator Thune to host Town Hall Meetings in Aberdeen and Watertown
8/11/09 Thune Tours Lignocellulosic Biofuels Research at SDSU
8/10/09 Thune Chairs Senate Field Hearing On Rural Surface Transportation Issues
8/7/09 Thune Denounces EPA's Anti-Ethanol Peer Review Team
8/6/09 Thune Calls for Rapid Implementation of Potential BIA Law Enforcement Hiring Changes
8/5/09 Senators Request Update on Implementation of Thune Amendment to Foreign Aid Bill
8/4/09 Senate Passes Agriculture Appropriations Bill
8/4/09 Thune to Hold Senate Field Hearing On Rural Surface Transportation Issues
8/1/09 Senator John Thune Delivers Weekly Republican Address
7/29/09 Senate Passes Bill with Thune-Requested South Dakota Energy and Water Priorities
7/27/09 Thune Urges EPA to Certify Higher Ethanol Blends
7/24/09 Thune Asks USDA to Address Issues in Cap and Trade Analysis
7/24/09 Senate Passes Defense Authorization Bill
7/23/09 Defense Bill Includes Thune Provisions Promoting Alternative Fuels
7/22/09 Anti-Gun Senators Defeat Common Sense Thune Concealed Carry Amendment
7/20/09 Thune to Vote Against Confirmation of Judge Sotomayor
7/20/09 Thune Offers Concealed Carry Amendment to Defense Authorization Bill