Recent Press Releases

Date Title
4/15/08 USGS/EROS Laptops Will Go to South Dakota Tribes
4/15/08 Thune Meets with Lewis and Clark Officials
4/15/08 Thune Urges Adoption of Senate Sodsaver Provision in Farm Bill
4/15/08 Thune Calls for Lasting, Meaningful Tax Reform
4/10/08 Senate Passes Critical Extension of Wind Production Tax Credit
4/4/08 Senator Thune Seeks Livestock Feed Storage Help from USDA
4/4/08 Thune Discusses Impending Oil Report with USGS
4/4/08 Thune Cosponsors Clean Energy Tax Stimulus Act
4/2/08 Thune Introduces Resolution Marking 60th Anniversary of Crazy Horse Memorial
3/14/08 Senate Passes Thune Measures to Combat Reservation Crime and Meth
3/14/08 Thune/Dorgan Measure Promotes Wind Energy
3/13/08 Thune Offers Amendment to Fight Meth Abuse
3/12/08 Thune Introduces Measure to Combat Reservation Crime
3/7/08 Thune Co-sponsors Mandatory Veterans Health Care Funding Legislation
3/6/08 Thune Praises Study on Higher Ethanol Blends
3/4/08 Thune Requests Additional Funding for SD Tribal Law Enforcement Needs
3/3/08 President Awards Medal of Honor to Woodrow Keeble
2/28/08 President Signs Thune Provision to Restore Brookings Air Service into Law
2/27/08 Thune Recognized for Work in Economic Development
2/26/08 SD Congressional Delegation, Governor Rounds Discuss Budget Priorities for South Dakota
2/26/08 Thune Announces Upcoming FEMA Fire Grant Workshops
2/26/08 Senate Passes Indian Health Care Improvement Act
2/25/08 Thune Amendment to Promote Tribal Justice Accepted
2/22/08 Woody Keeble to Be Awarded Medal of Honor
2/19/08 Thune: Recent Meat Recall Raises Questions Only the Meatpacking Industry and USDA Can Answer