Recent Press Releases

Date Title
9/16/15 Thune Opposes Iran Deal, Calls for Up-Or-Down Vote
9/11/15 Senate Passes Bipartisan Legislation to Preserve Rural Access to Therapy Services
9/11/15 Thune Statement on Anniversary of 9/11 Attacks
9/10/15 Thune: Senate Democrats Silence Voices of American People on Iran Deal
9/10/15 Thune, Stabenow Praise CMMI Decision to Evaluate Value-Based Insurance Design
9/4/15 Thune, Rounds Request Extension of Comment Period on Proposed DOL Rule
9/3/15 Selection Process for United States Senate Youth Program is Underway
8/28/15 Thune Statement on Injunction Blocking Obama EPA’s WOTUS Implementation
8/22/15 Thune Delivers Weekly Republican Address
8/6/15 Rounds, Thune Introduce Bill to Strengthen Military Families’ Right to Self-Protection
8/5/15 Republicans, Democrats Agree: IRS “Delinquent” With Treatment of Tax-Exempt Organizations
8/4/15 Thune Highlights Accomplishments in the Republican-Led Senate
8/4/15 Thune, Rounds Introduce Legislation to Authorize Permanent Land Transfer for Expansion of Black Hills National Cemetery
8/3/15 EPA’s Backdoor National Energy Tax a Burden for South Dakota Consumers
8/3/15 Thune Bill Would Improve Access, Availability of Rural Health Care
7/31/15 Thune Selects Family for 2015 Angels in Adoption Award
7/30/15 Thune Statement on Passage of Bipartisan DRIVE Act
7/28/15 Thune, Finance Republicans Request Information on Obamacare Enrollment Safeguards
7/28/15 Thune Touts Bipartisan Freight Provisions in DRIVE Act
7/24/15 Thune: Multi-Year Transportation Bill Critical to Moving Transportation Projects Forward Without Disruption
7/22/15 Thune, 49 Fellow Senators Raise Concerns With Planned Parenthood Practices
7/21/15 USDA Announces Conservation Programs That Will Benefit South Dakota
7/21/15 Thune Amendments Would Provide Permanent Relief to Taxpayers
7/17/15 Thune Discusses Importance of Prescribed Burn Approval Act at Senate Hearing
7/16/15 Senate Adopts Thune Provisions to Address Youth Suicide, Aid in Prevention Effort