Recent Press Releases

Date Title
12/7/21 Thune Honors Two Members of the Greatest Generation: South Dakotan Marcella LeBeau and Former Senator Bob Dole
12/7/21 Thune: Democrats Give Millionaires Massive Tax Breaks, Working Families Left in the Dust
12/6/21 Thune to Oppose Rosenworcel as FCC Chair
12/3/21 Thune, Stabenow Applaud USDA’s Announcement to Give Producers More Flexibility on Prevented Plant Acres
12/1/21 Thune, Tester Lead Colleagues in Requesting Assistance for Livestock Producers Affected by Drought
11/30/21 Thune: We Must Stand Up For the Human Rights of Unborn Americans
11/23/21 Thune, Colleagues Introduce Bipartisan Legislation to Protect, Expand Rural Broadband Access
11/19/21 Thune, Moran Lead Colleagues in Raising Concerns Over New Container Shipping Fees at Ports
11/18/21 Delegation Requests Additional Funding to Address Safety Hazards for SWO Law Enforcement
11/18/21 Thune: Democrats Encourage Illegal Immigration, Consider Offering Massive Taxpayer-Funded Cash Settlements
11/17/21 Thune: Democrats’ Inflation Will Make Thanksgiving the Most Expensive in History
11/16/21 Thune: Democrats Continue to Ignore Ongoing Crises, Prioritize Socialist Spending Spree
11/5/21 Thune Opposes Biden Vaccine Mandate, Moves to Nullify It
11/5/21 Thune Leads Republican Colleagues in Urging USDA to Reverse Decision to Include So-Called “Net Neutrality” Commitments in ReConnect Program
11/4/21 Thune on America’s Newsroom: Voters Reject Democrats’ Big Government Policies
11/4/21 Thune: Democrats’ Radical Agenda Threatens Families, Faith, and Life
11/3/21 Thune Remembers Jean Rounds
11/3/21 Thune: Voters Reject Democrats’ Radical Agenda
11/2/21 Thune: Six-Figure Cash Settlements for Illegal Immigrants are Insulting to Taxpayers
11/2/21 Thune: Democrats Plan to Double Down on Inflation-Creating Policies
10/29/21 Thune, Colleagues Urge USDA to Prioritize Broadband Funding to Rural Americans
10/29/21 Thune, Brown Push to Improve Prior Authorization in Medicare Advantage Plans
10/28/21 Thune: Democrats Continue to Have Misplaced Priorities
10/27/21 Thune: Democrats Prioritize Radical Climate Agenda Over Addressing Ongoing Energy Crisis
10/26/21 Thune, Farm-State Colleagues Renew Request to Advocate for Commonsense Biofuel Policy