Recent Press Releases

Date Title
4/6/09 Thune Denounces Obama Administration Proposal to Shelve Next Generation Bomber
4/3/09 Harkin, Thune, Johnson Introduce Bipartisan Legislation To Promote Biofuel Pipelines
4/3/09 Thune: Democrat Budget Pushes Spending to the Breaking Point
4/2/09 Senate Passes Thune Amendment to Protect Deduction for Charitable Giving
4/2/09 Thune Sponsors Indian Crime Bill
4/2/09 Senate Accepts Thune Amendment to Fight Meth Abuse
4/1/09 Thune Introduces Amendment to Protect Deduction for Charitable Giving
3/31/09 Thune Amendment Prohibiting Cap and Trade Energy Rate Hikes Passes Senate
3/30/09 Thune Offers Common Sense Energy Amendment
3/27/09 Thune Urges President to Continue Funding Next Generation Bomber
3/26/09 Thune Resolution Supporting Charitable Donations Defeated in the Senate
3/25/09 Thune Urges Preservation of Deduction for Charitable Contributions
3/24/09 Thune Denounces EPA Proposal
3/23/09 Thune Seeks Aid to Indian Country in Budget
3/20/09 Thune Responds to Revised CBO Budget Forecast
3/18/09 Senators Introduce Bipartisan Legislation to Jumpstart Biofuel Production in National Forests
3/10/09 Thune Denounces Legislation That Would Deny Workers Private Ballots
3/6/09 Thune Applauds E15 Waiver Request
3/5/09 Senate Majority Blocks Thune Amendment to Help Indian Country
3/5/09 Thune, Schumer Introduce "Cow Tax" Prevention Bill, Puts Nail In Coffin Of Inane Proposal That Could Cost SD Farmers An Estimated $367 Million And Put Family Farms At Risk Of Going Out Of Business
3/4/09 Thune Supports Prescription Drug Importation Bill
3/3/09 Thune Introduces Indian Country Law Enforcement Amendment to Spending Bill
3/2/09 Thune Applauds Introduction of Secret Ballot Protection Act
2/26/09 Thune: Senate Votes to Restore Second Amendment Rights
2/26/09 Thune Responds to President's Budget Proposal