Recent Press Releases

Date Title
6/7/23 Thune: South Dakotans Expect More From President Biden
6/1/23 Thune: It’s Time to End Biden’s Costly Student Loan Bailout
5/31/23 Thune on Fox News: Republicans Forced President Biden to Cut Spending
5/31/23 Thune: Responsible Budget Reforms Help Rein in Out-of-Control Democrat Spending
5/18/23 Thune-Moran Bill Would Address Affordable Housing Shortage
5/18/23 Thune: It’s Beyond Time to Confront America’s Spending and Debt Problem
5/17/23 Thune, Johnson Lead Bipartisan Bill to Protect U.S. Agriculture Exports
5/17/23 Thune Honors Law Enforcement During National Police Week
5/16/23 Thune: Reckless, Out-of-Control Government Spending Must End
5/16/23 Thune Discusses Dangers of Supersized Tax Enforcement Agency
5/11/23 Thune, Risch Reintroduce Bill to Release Afghanistan Dissent Cable
5/11/23 Thune: Biden’s Border Crisis Turns Into Full-Blown Catastrophe
5/10/23 Thune: The Ball is in Biden’s Court
5/10/23 Thune-Klobuchar Bill Would Expand Sodsaver Initiative
5/9/23 Thune, King Introduce Bipartisan Resolution to Confront China’s Exploitation of WTO Trade Status
5/4/23 Thune: We Need a Pro-Growth, Pro-Opportunity, and Pro-Taxpayer Tax Code
5/3/23 Thune Warns of Biden’s Anti-Conventional-Energy Policies
5/2/23 Thune: It’s About Time
5/2/23 Thune on Fox News: President Biden Must Negotiate with Speaker McCarthy
5/2/23 Thune, Scott Lead Colleagues in Fighting Back Against Radical Environmental Agenda
4/28/23 Thune Statement on Approval of Summertime E15 Fuel Sales
4/27/23 Thune, Rounds Sound Alarm on Biden Administration’s Egregious Proposal to Punish Americans with Good Credit Scores
4/27/23 Thune-Collins Bill Forces IRS to Prioritize Taxpayer Customer Service
4/26/23 Thune: Democrats’ Big-Government, Big-Spending Agenda Has Failed Americans
4/25/23 Thune, Johnson Introduce Bill to Protect South Dakota Workers and Support Small Businesses