Recent Press Releases

Date Title
10/21/20 Thune: Democrats Continue to Filibuster Targeted and Fiscally Responsible COVID Relief Funding
10/20/20 Thune: It’s Clear Democrats Would Rather See No COVID Relief Than Compromise With Republicans
10/15/20 Thune Joins Fox News’s Neil Cavuto to Discuss Social Media Censorship
10/7/20 Rounds, Thune Legislation Would Create a Congressional Charter for National American Indian Veterans (NAIV)
10/7/20 Wicker, Thune, Walden, Guthrie, Latta Lead Bill to Open Mid-Band Spectrum for Commercial Use
10/1/20 Thune Statement on Commerce Committee’s Decision to Authorize Subpoenas to Tech CEOs
9/30/20 Thune: Judge Amy Coney Barrett is Abundantly Qualified to Serve on America’s Highest Court
9/30/20 Thune, Colleagues Urge President Trump to Bolster Private-Sector Deployment of 5G
9/29/20 Thune to Support Judge Amy Coney Barrett’s Nomination to Serve on the Supreme Court
9/29/20 TODAY: Thune to Meet With Supreme Court Nominee Judge Amy Coney Barrett
9/28/20 Thune Joins Fox News’ “Your World With Neil Cavuto” to Discuss Supreme Court Nominee Judge Amy Coney Barrett
9/26/20 Thune Statement on the Nomination of Judge Amy Coney Barrett to Serve on the Supreme Court
9/24/20 Thune Leads Hearing on Public Safety Broadband Network, Including Testimony From South Dakota Law Enforcement Officer
9/23/20 Thune: Democrats Throw Tantrum While Republicans Remain Focused on Constitutional Duty
9/22/20 Thune: Democrats’ Undemocratic Threats Will Not Deter the Senate From Doing Its Job
9/21/20 South Dakota Law Enforcement Official to Join Thune-Led Hearing on Public Safety Broadband Network
9/18/20 Thune Statement on the Passing of Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg
9/17/20 Wicker, Thune, Fischer, Blackburn Introduce Consumer Data Privacy Legislation
9/17/20 Delegation Introduces Bill to Allow State to Conduct Clean-Up Effort at Gilt Edge Mine
9/17/20 Thune: Congress Must Step Up and Advocate for America’s Producers
9/16/20 Thune: Congress Cannot Ignore the Effect Washington Spending Has on Future Generations
9/16/20 Thune, Moran, Young Bill to Update E-Sign Clears Key Senate Hurdle
9/15/20 Blackburn, Thune Move to Expand TSA PreCheck Enrollment Options for Rural Americans
9/15/20 Thune: Democrats Threaten to Change 200-Year-Old Senate Practice for Political Gain
9/14/20 Delegation Applauds Environmental Protection Agency Decision to Deny ‘Gap-Year’ Small Refinery Exemption Petitions