Recent Press Releases

Date Title
9/22/22 Thune: Democrats’ Hostility to All-of-the-Above Energy Strategy Fuels High Prices
9/21/22 Thune: South Dakotans Shouldn’t Foot the Bill for Democrats’ Radical Agenda
9/20/22 Thune: Biden’s Open-Border Policies Fuel Record-Breaking Surge of Illegal Crossings
9/15/22 Thune: The Last Thing Hardworking Families Want is the IRS Knocking on Their Door
9/14/22 Thune, Ernst Introduce Bill to Prohibit Government Monitoring of Livestock Emissions, Block Radical Climate Policies
9/14/22 Thune: Soaring Inflation, Record-High Costs Hurting South Dakota Farmers and Ranchers
9/13/22 Thune, Collins Introduce Bill to Hold the IRS Accountable, Protect Taxpayers
9/13/22 Thune Introduces Bill to Protect Middle-Income Taxpayers, Small Businesses from Supersized IRS
9/13/22 Thune, Burr: Biden Administration’s Overreaching Child Mask Mandate Must End
9/13/22 Thune: Biden Economy Does Not Work for Working Families
9/12/22 Thune Supports Comprehensive Permitting Reform Legislation
9/9/22 Thune Statement on the 21st Anniversary of 9/11 Attacks
9/8/22 Thune: Democrats’ Big-Government, Big-Spending Agenda Does Nothing to Ease Economic Pain
9/7/22 Thune: South Dakota Taxpayers are Footing the Bill for Biden’s Unprecedented Student Loan Bailout
9/7/22 Thune, South Dakota Farm Bureau President Testify in Favor of Thune-Led Livestock Regulatory Protection Act
8/24/22 Thune Statement on President Biden’s Costly Student Loan Decision
8/24/22 Thune on Fox News: Biden Transfers Student Debt From Graduates to Taxpayers
8/9/22 Thune on Fox News: The IRS is Coming to a Neighborhood Near You
8/7/22 Senate Passes Thune Amendment to Protect Small- and Medium-Sized Businesses
8/6/22 Thune: Democrats’ Heavy-Handed, Government-Knows-Best Strategy Has Failed South Dakotans
8/6/22 Thune Proposal Would Improve Ranchers’ Grazing Rights on National Grasslands
8/5/22 Thune, Inhofe Lead Resolution Supporting Increased Coordination with Finland, Sweden Ahead of Full NATO Membership
8/4/22 “Democrats are raising taxes on Americans so that they can provide federal funding for Green New Deal activism.”
8/4/22 Thune: Democrats Prioritize Radical Climate Agenda Over Addressing Skyrocketing Energy Prices
8/3/22 Thune: South Dakota Taxpayers Cannot Afford the Democrats’ Reckless Spending