Recent Press Releases

Date Title
6/24/21 Thune Introduces Bill to Bolster Forestry, Seasonal Workforce
6/22/21 Thune: The Senate Will Reject Democrats’ Election Takeover Bill, Which Would Undermine the Security of our Elections and Increase Likelihood of Voter Fraud
6/22/21 South Dakotan Joins Thune at Hearing to Highlight Need to Build Strong and Resilient Broadband
6/17/21 VIDEO: South Dakotan to Join Thune at Hearing and Highlight Need to Build Strong and Resilient Broadband
6/17/21 Following Thune Request, Senate Agriculture Committee to Hold Hearing on Potential Cattle Market Manipulation
6/17/21 VIDEO: Thune: Abrupt Reversal on Wuhan Lab Story Exposes Mainstream Media Bias and Big Tech Censorship
6/16/21 Thune Introduces Bipartisan Bill to Stop Deceptive Subscription Business Practices
6/15/21 Thune: Democrats are Fanatically Committed to Raising Taxes, Expanding the Government
6/15/21 Thune Joins Colleagues in Introducing Bill to Remove Barriers to Telemental Health Care
6/15/21 Entire South Dakota Delegation Urges USDA to Provide Emergency Waiver for CRP Haying and Grazing
6/15/21 Thune, Kelly Introduce Bipartisan Legislation to Protect Communities From Arbitrary Reclassification and Potential Loss of Federal Funds
6/10/21 Thune, Colleagues Reintroduce Bipartisan Bill to Increase Internet Platform Transparency
6/10/21 Thune: Ellsworth Air Force Base Officially Named Main Operating Base 1 for the B-21 Bomber
6/9/21 Thune: Securing U.S. Food Supply Chain, Investigating Vulnerabilities is a Top Priority
6/9/21 Thune Statement on Official B-21 Announcement for Ellsworth Air Force Base
6/8/21 Thune: Biden Builds Back Big Government
5/27/21 Thune: Consumers Should Never Have to Question Whether They Will Have Access to Reliable and Affordable Energy and Fuel
5/27/21 Thune: America Must Continue to Lead the World in Automated Vehicle Technology
5/27/21 Thune Leads Bipartisan Legislation to Advance Rural Broadband Services
5/26/21 Thune Calls For Judiciary Committee Hearing on Potential Beef Market Manipulation
5/25/21 Thune: Democrats’ Election Reform Bill Would Weaponize the IRS
5/20/21 Thune: Biden Picks Russia’s Energy Monopoly Over South Dakota’s Energy Independence
5/19/21 Thune: Democrats’ Proposed Tax Hikes Would Hit Middle-Class Americans
5/18/21 Thune: Democrats’ Big Government Policies are Having a Negative Effect on the Economy
5/17/21 Thune, Johnson Lead Colleagues in Urging Department of Justice to Continue Investigation into Beef Industry