Recent Press Releases

Date Title
2/3/22 Thune, Casey Introduce Legislation to Permanently Extend Liability Coverage to Health Professional Volunteers
2/3/22 Thune, Klobuchar Introduce Bipartisan Legislation to Ease Export Shipping Backlogs, Boost U.S. Exports
2/3/22 Thune Leads Entire Senate Republican Conference in Fight to Stop Resurrection of Biden-Obama WOTUS Overreach
2/2/22 Thune Questions Panel on Meatpacking Industry’s Control Over Beef Processing Capacity and Supply
2/1/22 Thune: Biden’s Crisis-Ridden First Year
2/1/22 Thune on Fox News: Democrats Missed an Opportunity to Send Putin a Message
2/1/22 Thune, Colleagues Urge Biden Administration to Prioritize Renewable Fuel Standard
1/21/22 Thune-Smith Bill to Provide Financial Stability to Federally Impacted School Districts Signed Into Law
1/20/22 Thune Leads Colleagues in Protecting Toddlers from Mask Mandates
1/20/22 Thune: Grateful for Those Who March for Life
1/20/22 Thune: Democrats’ Arrogance of Power is on Full Display in Crusade to Weaken Minority Party Rights
1/20/22 Thune Grades President Biden’s First Year in Office
1/13/22 Thune Applauds Supreme Court’s Decision to Halt Vaccine Mandate on Private Sector Employers
1/13/22 Thune: Democrats Continue Their Campaign to Abolish the Filibuster, Break the Senate
1/13/22 Thune, Scott Introduce Bill to Combat Democrats’ Inflationary Spending
1/12/22 Thune on Fox News: Desperate Democrats Want to Destroy the Senate
1/11/22 Thune: Democrats Threaten to Change the Rules if They Can’t Get Their Way
1/5/22 Thune: Democrats Want to Change the Rules in the Middle of the Game to Pass Radical Policies
1/4/22 Thune: Democrats Receive “F” on 2021 Report Card
12/16/21 Thune: Reckless Tax-and-Spending Spree Highlights Democrats’ Big-Government Vision for the Future
12/16/21 Thune, McClain Introduce Bicameral Legislation to Protect Toddlers From Federal Mandates
12/16/21 As Inflation Soars, Thune, Boozman Lead Colleagues in Standing up for Farmers and Ranchers
12/15/21 Thune Applauds Senate Passage of Annual Defense Bill, Ellsworth Funding
12/14/21 Thune, Smith, Rounds, Tester Introduce Legislation to Encourage Homeownership Across Indian Country
12/14/21 Thune: Democrats Double Down on Failed Policies That Have Created Record-High Inflation