Recent Press Releases

Date Title
10/26/21 Thune, Farm-State Colleagues Renew Request to Advocate for Commonsense Biofuel Policy
10/26/21 Thune Questions TikTok, Snapchat, and YouTube Representatives, Pushes for Increased Transparency
10/21/21 Thune Joins Colleagues in Introducing Legislation to Establish a National 6G Strategy
10/21/21 Thune Joins Colleagues in Introducing Legislation to Put Patients Over Paperwork
10/21/21 Thune: Democrats’ Radical Spending Bill Places Job-Based Health Care Coverage at Risk
10/21/21 Thune: The Time has Come to Hold Big Tech Accountable
10/20/21 Thune Questions Biden Nominee to Lead U.S. Customs and Border Protection
10/20/21 Thune: Democrats Ignore Rising Inflation, South Dakota Families Pay the Price
10/20/21 Thune Demands Answers on Supply Chain Crisis, Presses Biden Nominees
10/19/21 Thune: Democrats Propose an Unprecedented IRS Shakedown of Americans’ Financial Transactions
10/19/21 Thune: Democrats Prioritize Socialist Spending Spree, Turn Blind Eye to Biden’s Crises
10/13/21 Thune’s Office Accepting Spring Interns
10/7/21 South Dakota Health Care Leader Joins Thune at Telehealth Hearing
10/7/21 Thune, Smith Introduce Bill to Assist School Districts as They Apply for Impact Aid Program Funding
10/6/21 Thune: South Dakotans Aren’t Fooled By Democrats’ Illogical Math
10/5/21 Thune Questions Big Tech Whistleblower on Transparency and Accountability at Facebook
10/5/21 Thune: Democrats Leave Rural Americans Behind, Prioritize Socialist Policies
9/30/21 Thune Stands Up for Consumers, Insists That Big Tech be Held Accountable
9/30/21 Thune: Democrats Are in Disarray
9/29/21 Thune Discusses Need For Big Tech Algorithm Transparency and Platform Accountability
9/29/21 Thune: Biden Ignored Top Military Commanders and Endangered Americans, Created Catastrophic Withdrawal From Afghanistan
9/28/21 Democrats’ Massive Government Expansion Jeopardizes Individual Liberties
9/27/21 Thune, Crapo, Toomey Lead Colleagues in Urging Democrats to Abandon Proposal that Would Compromise Law-Abiding Americans’ Financial Information
9/23/21 Thune on GMA3: Republicans Will not Enable Democrats’ Reckless Taxing and Spending
9/22/21 Thune: Democrats Push Radical Federal Takeover Agenda