Recent Press Releases

Date Title
7/27/06 Small Business Committee Approves Thune Provision to Foster Economic Development in Indian Country
7/27/06 Thune: Japan Resumes Importation of U.S. Beef
7/25/06 Thune Supports Child Custody Protection Act
7/19/06 Appropriations Subcommittee Approves Funding Requests for South Dakota Priorities
7/19/06 Thune Supports Israel's Right to Self-Defense
7/19/06 Appropriations Subcommittee Approves Thune Funding Requests for South Dakota Education and Health Initiatives
7/19/06 Appropriations Subcommittees Approve Thune Funding Requests for Ellsworth, Joe Foss Field, and SD Army/Navy Reserves
7/18/06 Appropriations Subcommittee Approves Thune Funding Requests for Defense Projects in South Dakota
7/18/06 Thune Statement on Stem Cell Research Votes
7/13/06 Thune Announces Additional CRP Acres Open for Haying and Grazing
7/13/06 Thune Votes to Protect Second Amendment Rights
7/12/06 Thune Introduces Energy Security Amendment to Greatly Increase Availability of Alternative Fuels for American Consumers
7/12/06 Thune Honors Lakota Code Talker
7/7/06 Thune: USDA to Release CRP Acres for Emergency Haying and Grazing
7/7/06 Thune: SD Game, Fish and Parks to Receive 2006 Freedom Award
7/6/06 Thune Announces Funding for South Dakota
6/30/06 Thune Congratulates SD Native on Nomination to Key Ag Post
6/29/06 Thune Announces New Grants Available for College Students
6/29/06 Thune Comments on Recovery of Stolen VA Records
6/29/06 Thune Announces Drought Relief Funds
6/28/06 Thune: 95 Percent of South Dakota Medicare Beneficiaries Have Prescription Drug Coverage
6/28/06 Thune: Code Talker Was an Inspiration
6/27/06 Thune: Funding for South Dakota Projects Moves Forward
6/27/06 Thune Votes to Protect the American Flag
6/22/06 SD Delegation to Ag Secretary: Open CRP Acres For Emergency Haying and Grazing