Recent Press Releases

Date Title
5/13/14 Thune Offers Amendments to Provide ObamaCare Relief to Long-term Unemployed, Stop Collection of Individual Mandate Tax
5/13/14 Thune Applauds Prohibition on Corps’s Missouri River Surplus Water Fee
5/13/14 Senate Republican Leaders to FCC: Leave Internet Open and Free
5/12/14 Thune Calls for Independent Nationwide VA Investigation
5/8/14 Thune Challenges Costly Expansion of EPA Authority
5/6/14 Thune Introduces Amendment to Block Most Costly EPA Regulation in History
5/6/14 Thune/Klobuchar Lead Letter to FCC on Rural Broadband
5/6/14 Thune Demands Answers on IRS Bonuses
5/1/14 Thune Welcomed South Dakota Business Owner to Senate Ag Subcommittee Hearing
5/1/14 Senators Roberts, Enzi, & Thune Introduce Bill to Block Bonuses to IRS Employees Who Break Tax Law or Have Tax Debt
4/29/14 Thune Encourages South Dakotans to Attend STB Rail Service Meetings
4/18/14 Obama Delays Keystone Decision Again While Jobless Americans Hang in the Balance
4/17/14 Thune: President’s Latest ObamaCare “Victory” Lap an Insult
4/17/14 Alexander, Thune, Hatch Urge Census Bureau to Keep Questions on Uninsured in Order to Understand Impact of Obamacare
4/15/14 Thune Commends STB on Fertilizer Decision
4/10/14 Thune Statement on Secretary Sebelius’ Resignation
4/10/14 Thune Outlines South Dakota Rail Service Issues with STB
4/10/14 Thune Leads GOP Senators in Calling for USDA, DOE, EPA to Resist Taxing Livestock Emissions
4/10/14 Thune to Deliver Remarks at STB Hearing on South Dakota Rail Service Issues
4/9/14 Commerce Committee Passes Thune, Klobuchar Bill to Address Propane and Heating Fuel Shortages
4/8/14 Thune, Klobuchar Introduce Bill to Provide Licensure Clarity for Sports Medicine Professionals
4/7/14 Thune, GOP Senators Lead Bill to Restore 40 Hour Work Week, Protect Businesses from ObamaCare Mandates
4/3/14 Following Pressure from Thune, EU Delays Illegitimate Tax on International Flights
4/3/14 Thune Introduces Amendment to UI Bill to Address Job Creation
4/2/14 Senate Democrats Block Thune Amendment to Hold EPA Accountable to Taxpayers