Recent Press Releases

Date Title
4/12/22 Thune Statement on the Summertime Sale of E15 Fuel
4/7/22 Thune on Fox News: Bipartisan Senators Urge Administration to Avoid Southern Border Catastrophe
4/7/22 Thune, Brown, Cardin Introduce Legislation to Expand Access to Mental Health Services
4/7/22 Thune Questions IRS’ Handling of Private Taxpayer Information, Calls for Better Customer Service for South Dakotans
4/7/22 Thune Joins Bipartisan Coalition Urging Biden Administration to Abandon Reckless Border Policies
4/6/22 Thune Presses HHS Secretary on Overreaching Child Mask Mandate in Head Start Facilities
4/6/22 Thune: Administration’s Policies Make Biden Border Crisis Worse
4/6/22 Thune Leads Colleagues in Protecting Ag Industry from Biden’s Radical Environmental Agenda
4/5/22 Thune: Biden’s Bloated Budget Full of Misplaced Priorities
4/4/22 Thune, Klobuchar Urge EPA to Update Biofuel Emissions Modeling
4/1/22 Thune Presses U.S. Trade Representative on Biden’s Lack of Clear Trade and Agriculture Agenda, Advocates for South Dakota Farmers and Ranchers
4/1/22 Thune on Fox News: Ending Title 42 Policies at the Border is Insanity
3/31/22 At Thune’s Request, USDA to Provide Additional Disaster Assistance for Livestock Producers
3/31/22 Thune: 2023 Farm Bill Must Prioritize South Dakota Agriculture
3/31/22 Senate Unanimously Passes Thune Bill to Ease Export Shipping Backlogs and Boost U.S. Exports
3/30/22 Thune: Ocean Shipping Reform Act Would Ease Supply Chain Bottlenecks, Support American Producers
3/29/22 Thune to Oppose Judge Jackson’s Nomination to the Supreme Court
3/28/22 Thune, Moran Introduce Bill to Address Affordable Housing Shortage
3/24/22 Thune: Biden Must Address the Border Crisis
3/23/22 Thune: South Dakota Taxpayers Deserve Better From the IRS
3/22/22 Thune-Klobuchar Proposal Would Strengthen and Improve Conservation Reserve Program
3/22/22 Committee Unanimously Passes Thune Bill to Ease Export Shipping Backlogs and Boost U.S. Exports
3/22/22 Thune: The Free World Must Support Ukraine, Stand Up to Russia
3/18/22 Thune Demands Answers from Biden Administration on Second Amendment Infringement
3/17/22 Thune: Gigi Sohn’s Proven Partisanship Makes Her Unfit to Serve at the FCC