Recent Press Releases

Date Title
8/6/22 Thune: Democrats’ Heavy-Handed, Government-Knows-Best Strategy Has Failed South Dakotans
8/6/22 Thune Proposal Would Improve Ranchers’ Grazing Rights on National Grasslands
8/5/22 Thune, Inhofe Lead Resolution Supporting Increased Coordination with Finland, Sweden Ahead of Full NATO Membership
8/4/22 Thune: Democrats Prioritize Radical Climate Agenda Over Addressing Skyrocketing Energy Prices
8/4/22 “Democrats are raising taxes on Americans so that they can provide federal funding for Green New Deal activism.”
8/3/22 Thune: South Dakota Taxpayers Cannot Afford the Democrats’ Reckless Spending
8/2/22 Thune: Democrats’ Disastrous Spending Bill is Chock-Full of Tax Hikes, Radical Energy Policies
8/2/22 Thune on Fox News: Democrats’ Tax Hikes and Reckless Spending Will Do Nothing to Address Inflation
8/2/22 Thune Statement on the Death of al Qaeda Terrorist Ayman al-Zawahiri
7/28/22 Key Thune Priorities For South Dakota Included in Water Infrastructure Bill
7/28/22 Thune: It is Reckless to Raise Taxes in a Recession
7/27/22 Thune: Ongoing Southern Border Crisis Empowers Cartels, Fuels Fentanyl Overdoses
7/26/22 Thune: It’s Never a Good Time to Raise Taxes
7/26/22 Thune Introduces Legislation to Fight Democrats’ Radical Environmental Agenda, Protect South Dakota Producers
7/25/22 Thune, Colleagues Introduce Legislation to Address Pilot Shortage
7/22/22 Thune, Rounds, Johnson Urge Biden to Grant Disaster Declaration Following June Storms
7/21/22 Thune on Fox News: Our Country has an Energy Emergency
7/20/22 Thune on GMA3: Democrats’ Spending, Lack of Energy Policy is Driving High Inflation
7/20/22 Thune: Annual Defense Bill Would Provide Critical Funding For Ellsworth Air Force Base
7/19/22 Thune: Democrats Have Never Met a Tax They Didn’t Like
7/18/22 Thune, Menendez Urge Administration to Prioritize Lumber Trade to Improve Housing Costs
7/14/22 Thune, Republican Colleagues Introduce Bill to Recover Funds From Pandemic-Related Unemployment Fraud
7/14/22 Thune, Klobuchar Call on USDA to Improve Disaster Assistance for Producers
7/14/22 Thune to Democrats: Stop Standing in the Way of American Energy Production
7/13/22 Thune: South Dakotans Cannot Afford Democrats’ Job-Killing Tax Hikes and Record-Breaking Inflation