Recent Press Releases

Date Title
2/1/23 Thune Discusses New Bill to Protect Babies Who Survive Failed Abortions
2/1/23 Thune, Lankford Introduce Born-Alive Abortion Survivors Protection Act
1/31/23 Thune: Security and Humanitarian Crisis at the Southern Border Cannot Be Ignored
1/31/23 Thune-Klobuchar Bill Would Bolster Conservation Reserve Program
1/30/23 Thune, Luján, Klobuchar, Fischer Reintroduce Bipartisan Legislation to Increase Access to Rural Broadband
1/26/23 Thune Bill Would Connect Producers with Effective Conservation Practices
1/26/23 Thune: South Dakota Agriculture Must Be a Priority in 2023 Farm Bill
1/25/23 Thune, Cruz Statement on the FCC’s Mismanagement of a Taxpayer-Funded Broadband Subsidy Program
1/25/23 Thune Discusses Opportunities for Bipartisan Solutions in a Divided Government
1/24/23 Thune, Tester, Rounds, Booker Reintroduce Bipartisan Beef Labeling Act
1/24/23 Thune: Grateful for Those Who March for Life
1/5/23 Thune Statement on Repeal of the Biden Administration’s Toddler Mask Mandate
1/3/23 Thune Honors Retiring Senator Ben Sasse
12/30/22 Thune Statement on Biden Administration’s Over-Reaching WOTUS Rule
12/21/22 Thune: Effective Use of Federal Broadband Funds Will Help Bridge the Digital Divide
12/20/22 Thune: South Dakotans Deserve Permanent Tax Relief
12/20/22 Thune: NDAA is Crucial for Ellsworth Air Force Base, B-21 Bomber Mission
12/15/22 Thune Supports Annual Defense Bill, Ellsworth Air Force Base Priorities
12/15/22 Thune Secures Key South Dakota Priorities in Water Resources Bill
12/15/22 Thune Honors Retiring Senators Shelby and Toomey
12/14/22 Thune Letter Fights to Protect Independent Contractors
12/14/22 Thune Honors Retiring Senator Richard Burr
12/13/22 Thune: Ending the Security and Humanitarian Crisis at the Southern Border Must Be a Bipartisan Priority
12/13/22 Thune Discusses His Broadband Oversight Effort, Presses Agencies to Cut Bureaucratic Red Tape for Broadband Infrastructure
12/9/22 Thune, Klobuchar, Hoeven, Baldwin Urge Federal Maritime Commission to Carefully Implement Key Ocean Shipping Reform Act Rule