Recent Press Releases

Date Title
9/23/21 Thune on GMA3: Republicans Will not Enable Democrats’ Reckless Taxing and Spending
9/22/21 Thune: Democrats Push Radical Federal Takeover Agenda
9/21/21 Thune to Neil Cavuto: Democrats Aren’t Going to get Bipartisan Help to Enable Partisan Spending
9/21/21 Thune: Democrats’ Tax-and-Spending Spree Would Have South Dakotans Footing the Bill
9/14/21 Thune: Biden’s Disastrous Afghanistan Withdrawal Emboldens Terrorists, Abandons Americans and Allies
9/14/21 Thune, Crapo Introduce Legislation to Recover Fraudulent COVID-19 Unemployment Insurance Benefits
9/10/21 Thune Reflects on 20th Anniversary of September 11 Terrorist Attacks
9/8/21 Bipartisan American Beef Labeling Act Would Reinstate Mandatory Country of Origin Labeling
9/1/21 Selection Process for United States Senate Youth Program is Underway
8/10/21 Thune: Democrats Take First Steps to Raise Taxes and Permanently Expand Government
8/10/21 Thune: Democrats Try to Have it Both Ways on the Double Death Tax
8/10/21 Thune Statement on Senate Infrastructure Bill
8/10/21 As Drought Continues, Thune, Klobuchar Call on USDA to Provide Additional Haying Options for Livestock Producers
8/5/21 Thune: Effective and Efficient Broadband Investments are Critical for Rural America
8/4/21 Thune, Wicker Question NTIA’s Ability to Effectively Administer Broadband Programs
8/4/21 Thune Honors Outgoing Whip Office Chief of Staff Nick Rossi
8/4/21 Thune: Senate Republicans Will Stand With the Middle Class and Oppose Biden’s Double Death Tax
8/3/21 Thune: Biden Backs Eco-Terrorist Affiliate, Democrats Follow Suit
8/2/21 Thune: Infrastructure Bill Needs Robust Amendment Process, Democrats Can’t Rush
7/30/21 Thune Urges U.S. Forest Service to Improve the Black Hills National Forest Timber Sale Program
7/29/21 Thune, Cardin, Smith, and Kuster Reintroduce Legislation to Increase Telehealth Services in Nursing Facilities
7/29/21 Thune: Democrats Ignore Humanitarian Nightmare and Security Crisis at the Border
7/28/21 Thune: Democrats’ New Death Tax Would Crush Family Farms, Businesses
7/28/21 Thune, Farm-State Colleagues to Biden: Biofuels Noticeably Absent From Your Agenda
7/27/21 Thune, Smith, Johnson, Craig Introduce Bipartisan, Bicameral Legislation to Provide Needed Flexibility for Emergency CRP Haying