Recent Press Releases

Date Title
8/13/07 Thune Calls for Balance between Wildlife and Wind Energy Development
8/10/07 Thune Addresses 20th Annual American Coalition for Ethanol (ACE) Conference
7/30/07 House Passes Thune Fire-Fighting Legislation
7/30/07 House Passes Thune Bill to Correct Mistake in Agriculture Disaster Payments
7/30/07 House Includes Thune Biofuels Innovation Program in Farm Bill
7/27/07 Thune Announces Funding for South Dakota Fire Departments
7/27/07 SD Delegation Fights to Keep Wagner Emergency Room Service
7/26/07 Senate Passes Legislation to Improve Border Security
7/26/07 Committee Approves Thune Legislation to Honor Disabled Veterans
7/26/07 Thune Bill to Correct Mistake in Agriculture Disaster Payments Passes Senate
7/19/07 Thune Votes To Keep Airwaves Free From Government Regulation
7/18/07 Thune Introduces Long-Term Care Act
7/17/07 Thune Announces Funding for South Dakota Projects in Agriculture Appropriations Bill
7/13/07 Thune Fire-Fighting Legislation Passes Senate
7/12/07 Appropriations Committee Approves Thune Funding Requests for South Dakota Priorities
7/12/07 Thune Comments on Modifications to FSA Office Closing Plans
7/12/07 Thune Testifies in Favor of His Bill Authorizing Disabled Veterans Memorial
7/12/07 Thune Announces Funding for SDSU Transportation Research
7/12/07 South Dakota Delegation Outlines Next Steps For Underground Science Lab At Homestake
7/11/07 Senate Committee Approves Funding for Minnehaha County Anti-Meth Program
7/10/07 Grassley, Kohl, Thune Work to Keep Competition in Agriculture
7/10/07 Congressional Delegation, Governor Comment on Homestake DUSEL Decision
7/5/07 Thune Condemns Black-Footed Ferret Reintroduction
7/3/07 Senator Thune's Statement on Independence Day, 2007
6/29/07 Coleman, Demint, Thune Introduce Bill To Keep Radio Airwaves Free From Government Censorship And Suppression