Recent Press Releases

Date Title
3/30/23 Thune: Bipartisanship and Compromise are Key Pillars That Should be Safeguarded, Not Threatened
3/30/23 Thune Leads Effort to Permanently Repeal the Death Tax
3/29/23 Thune: The PHIT Act Would Help Lower Fitness Costs for Americans
3/28/23 Thune: Strong National Defense is Our Core Responsibility
3/28/23 Thune: Republicans Will Continue Fighting for Energy and National Security
3/28/23 Thune-Sinema Bill Would Prevent Regulation of Livestock Emissions
3/23/23 Thune: America Needs to Lead on Trade
3/22/23 Thune Discusses Bill to Combat National Security Risks From Foreign Adversary Technologies
3/22/23 Thune: Policy Changes that Affect National Security Must be Considered Carefully
3/22/23 Thune-Ernst Bill Would Prohibit Government Monitoring of Livestock Emissions, Block Radical Climate Policies
3/21/23 Thune Leads Effort to Block Unfair IRS Audits That Target Firearm Sales
3/16/23 Thune Discusses Biden’s Extreme Use of Regulatory Power
3/16/23 Thune on Fox News: Where Were the Regulators?
3/16/23 Thune, Lankford Introduce Regulatory Reform Bill
3/15/23 Thune: Biden’s Budget is the Wrong Prescription for Our Country
3/15/23 Thune: President’s Budget Priorities are Dead Wrong
3/15/23 Thune Bill Would Expedite Urgently Needed Forest Management on Federal Lands
3/14/23 Thune, Murphy, Kelly, Panetta Introduce Bill to Incentivize Healthy Living and Physical Activity
3/10/23 Thune, Tillis, Lankford, Moran Introduce Bill to Close Loophole That Blocks Deportation of Violent Criminals
3/9/23 Thune, Warnock Introduce the Promoting Precision Agriculture Act
3/9/23 Thune on Fox News: We Need a Process to Mitigate Foreign Adversary Risks Like TikTok
3/9/23 Thune: Farm Bill Must Support Advancements in Agriculture
3/8/23 Thune: Democrats’ Soft-on-Crime Policies Are Making Communities Less Safe
3/7/23 Thune, Warner Introduce Bill to Tackle National Security Threats from Foreign Technologies
3/7/23 Thune Discusses Disastrous Situation at U.S. Southern Border