Recent Press Releases

Date Title
12/17/09 Rail Reform Bill Passes Senate Commerce Committee
12/17/09 Thune Amendment to Prohibit Misuse of TARP Funds Adopted
12/16/09 Senate Democrats Defeat Thune Proposal to Remove Budget Gimmicks from Health Care Bill
12/16/09 Senator Thune Touts New Rail Reform Bill
12/15/09 Thune Responds to Guantanamo Detainee Decision
12/14/09 Thune Supports Effort to Reverse EPA Endangerment Finding
12/11/09 Thune Applauds House Republicans for Forcing Vote on Ending TARP
12/10/09 Thune: Opposition to Democrats’ Government Health Care Plan Grows
12/9/09 Thune Criticizes Overreaching Clean Water Restoration Act
12/8/09 Thune Calls for TARP Termination, Not Endless Slush Fund
12/7/09 Thune Responds to EPA Endangerment Finding
12/3/09 Sole Surviving American World War I Veteran Speaks in Support of Memorial Bill
12/3/09 Thune Applauds Committee Passage of Tribal Suicide Prevention Bill
12/2/09 Thune Applauds Prairie Dog Decision
12/1/09 Thune Criticizes EPA Decision to Delay E-15 Approval
11/30/09 Thune Requests Additional Funding to Fight Pine Beetles
11/21/09 Thune to Oppose Vote on Flawed Health Care Bill
11/17/09 Thune Highlights South Dakota Priorities Included in Military Construction and Veterans Affairs Appropriations Bill
11/17/09 Thune Introduces Legislation to Sunset TARP
11/12/09 Facility Processing Black Hills Wood Chips Selected for Thune-Authored Biofuel Program
11/5/09 Thune Urges Colleagues to Protect Charitable Giving Tax Deduction
11/5/09 Forest Service Grants Senator Thune's Request for Extension of Comment Period
11/2/09 Senator Thune Requests Extension of Forest Service Comment Period
10/29/09 Rockefeller, Thune, and Webb Introduce Legislation to Honor World War I Veterans
10/22/09 Thune Applauds Signing of Veterans Health Care Budget Reform Bill