Recent Press Releases

Date Title
2/9/06 Thune Urges Japanese Leaders to Drop Double-Standard, Resume Beef Trade with U.S.
2/6/06 Lewis and Clark Set to Receive Record-Setting Funding
2/6/06 Thune Announces Disaster Assistance for Small Businesses
2/3/06 Johnson, Thune Support DoD Reversal on National Guard Budget Cuts
2/2/06 Thune Praises CMS Decision to Reimburse States for Prescription Drug Startup Costs
2/1/06 Senator Thune Comments on President's Ethanol Initiative
2/1/06 Senate Passes Thune-Lieberman Resolution to Withhold Aid from Hamas-Controlled Palestinian Authority
1/31/06 Thune: Alito's Confirmation Worthy, Overdue
1/26/06 Senator Thune Introduces Resolution to Withhold U.S. Aid to Palestinian Authority
1/24/06 Thune Calls on CMS to Ensure South Dakota, Pharmacies Receive Fair Compensation for Medicaid/Medicare Part D Transition
1/24/06 Thune Urges Senate Democrats to Confirm Alito in Timely Manner
1/20/06 Thune Urges Majority Leader to Bring LIHEAP Legislation to the Senate Floor
1/20/06 Thune Statement Regarding U.S. Beef Exports to Japan
1/6/06 Senator Thune to Join Congressional Delegation Trip to South America to Review Trade, Agricultural Issues
1/5/06 Senator Thune Applauds Administration's Decision to Provide Emergency Energy Assistance Funds to Low-Income Families
12/23/05 Senator Thune Made Last Ditch Effort to Keep Wagner Service Unit ER Open
12/22/05 Thune: Senate Passes Authorization to Implement Critical Defense Programs for Ellsworth, South Dakota Air National Guard, Veterans
12/22/05 Senate Democrats Block $2 Billion for Additional LIHEAP Funding with Filibuster
12/21/05 Thune Announces Funding for Defense Projects to Benefit South Dakota
12/21/05 Thune: Senate Democrats Block Vote on ANWR and $2 billion for LIHEAP Funding
12/21/05 Thune: Democrats Delay Legislation to Trim Nearly $40 Billion from National Deficit
12/20/05 Thune Comments on Disaster Funding
12/19/05 Thune: End the Obstruction
12/19/05 Thune Expresses Disappointment in House's Failure to Include Agriculture Disaster Relief
12/16/05 Thune Meets with Bush, Cheney, Top Advisors to Discuss Ongoing Efforts in Iraq