Recent Press Releases

Date Title
12/5/20 McConnell, Paul, and 36 Senate Republicans File Brief Urging Supreme Court to Reaffirm Religious Liberty Still Exists in a Pandemic
12/3/20 Thune: Funding for Men and Women in Uniform Must Be a Top Priority in Congress
12/3/20 Portman, Cardin, Thune, Menendez Introduce Legislation to Fund COVID-19 Vaccine Public Advocacy Campaign
12/2/20 Thune: Alexander Will Leave a Legacy of Leadership and Service to Country
11/18/20 Thune: Providing COVID Relief and Confirming Qualified Judges Among Senate Republicans’ Top Priorities
11/17/20 Thune: Republicans are Ready to Pass Targeted and Fiscally Responsible COVID Relief
11/12/20 President Expected to Sign Thune-Smith Bill to Ease Application Process for the Impact Aid Program During COVID-19 Pandemic
11/10/20 Thune Statement on Reelection as Republican Whip
11/10/20 Thune: We Are Forever Indebted to the Service and Sacrifice of America’s Men and Women in Uniform
10/28/20 Thune Presses Big Tech Leaders on Consumer Transparency and Accountability, Perceived Political Bias
10/26/20 Thune Statement on Confirmation of Judge Amy Coney Barrett to the Supreme Court
10/26/20 Thune: Judge Amy Coney Barrett Will Be an Outstanding Addition to the U.S. Supreme Court
10/26/20 Thune Joins “Full Court Press” with Greta Van Susteren
10/25/20 Thune Joins Fox News’s ‘Cavuto LIVE’ to Discuss Judge Amy Coney Barrett and COVID-19 Relief Negotiations
10/21/20 Thune: Democrats Continue to Filibuster Targeted and Fiscally Responsible COVID Relief Funding
10/20/20 Thune: It’s Clear Democrats Would Rather See No COVID Relief Than Compromise With Republicans
10/15/20 Thune Joins Fox News’s Neil Cavuto to Discuss Social Media Censorship
10/9/20 Thune, Johnson Applaud Decision to Keep Hot Springs VA Medical Center Open
10/7/20 Rounds, Thune Legislation Would Create a Congressional Charter for National American Indian Veterans (NAIV)
10/7/20 Wicker, Thune, Walden, Guthrie, Latta Lead Bill to Open Mid-Band Spectrum for Commercial Use
10/1/20 Thune Statement on Commerce Committee’s Decision to Authorize Subpoenas to Tech CEOs
9/30/20 Thune, Colleagues Urge President Trump to Bolster Private-Sector Deployment of 5G
9/30/20 Thune: Judge Amy Coney Barrett is Abundantly Qualified to Serve on America’s Highest Court
9/29/20 Thune to Support Judge Amy Coney Barrett’s Nomination to Serve on the Supreme Court
9/29/20 TODAY: Thune to Meet With Supreme Court Nominee Judge Amy Coney Barrett