Recent Press Releases

Date Title
3/15/22 Thune: South Dakotans Pay the Price for the Democrats’ Radical Agenda and Reckless Spending
3/14/22 Thune to President Biden: An Iran Agreement Without Broad Congressional Support Will Not Survive
3/10/22 Thune: We Need to Do Everything We Can to Keep Ukraine in This Fight
3/9/22 Thune, Durbin Lead Bipartisan Push to Utilize E15, Restore American Energy Independence
3/8/22 Thune: Democrats Stare Into the Abyss as Record-High Inflation Punishes American Families
3/7/22 Thune, Scott Introduce Legislation to Combat Workforce Challenges
3/4/22 Thune, Rounds, and Johnson Oppose the Biden Administration’s Recommendation to Realign VA Medical Facilities in South Dakota
3/3/22 Thune Bill Would Help Alleviate Ongoing Supply Chain Crisis
3/3/22 Thune: Energy Independence is a Matter of National Security
3/2/22 Thune: Democrats Must Abandon Their Far-Left Agenda
3/2/22 Thune on Fox News: To Counter Russia, America Must Become Energy Independent Again
3/1/22 Thune Reacts to President Biden’s State of the Union Address
3/1/22 Thune Reacts to President Biden’s State of the Union Address
3/1/22 Thune: The Free World Stands With Ukraine
3/1/22 Thune, Young, Blackburn, Moran Introduce Legislation to Modernize Consumers’ Ability to Receive and Access Personal Electronic Documents
2/28/22 Thune, Barrasso Introduce Legislation to Support the Black Hills National Forest and Regional Economy
2/25/22 Thune Statement on President Biden’s Supreme Court Nominee
2/22/22 Thune Statement on Russia’s Aggression
2/18/22 Thune on America’s Newsroom: Democrats’ Far-Left Policies Harm Rural America
2/18/22 Thune on Fox Business: President Biden Condones Putin’s Pipeline, Kills American Energy
2/17/22 Thune: Biden’s Policies Leave South Dakota’s Farmers and Ranchers Out to Dry
2/17/22 Thune, Risch Lead Effort to Release Afghanistan Dissent Cable
2/16/22 Thune Bill Demands Accountability for Biden Allowing Taliban Takeover of U.S. Military Equipment
2/16/22 Thune: Biden’s Border Crisis Affecting Communities in South Dakota
2/16/22 South Dakota, Wyoming Delegations Continue to Urge USDA to Prioritize the Health of the Black Hills National Forest and its Timber Sale Program