Recent Press Releases

Date Title
5/14/08 Senate Prepares to Pass 2008 Farm Bill Conference Report
5/14/08 Thune Legislation to Jumpstart Cellulosic Ethanol Included in Farm Bill Conference Report
5/13/08 Thune-Johnson Flood Insurance Amendment Protects Homeowners and Businesses
5/8/08 Thune: Farm Bill Conference Report Finalized
5/8/08 Thune Calls on EPA to Oppose Waiving Renewable Fuels Standard
5/7/08 Senator Thune Testifies Before Veterans' Affairs Committee
5/7/08 Thune Thanks Jaspers for Service as South Dakota Rural Development Director
5/2/08 Thune Supports Legislation to Expand Domestic Energy Production
5/1/08 Thune Praises Proposal to Ease Firearm Restrictions in National Parks
5/1/08 Senate Armed Services Committee Approves 2009 Defense Bill with Important South Dakota Projects
4/26/08 Thune Provisions Remain in Final Farm Bill
4/25/08 Thune Comments on Farm Bill Announcement
4/24/08 Thune Proposes Plan to Expedite Sioux Falls Flood Control Project
4/23/08 Thune Introduces Amendment to Make Annual Cost of Living Adjustment for Disabled Veterans Permanent
4/18/08 Thune Praises End to South Korean Ban on U.S. Beef
4/17/08 Thune Urges President to Discuss Beef with South Korean President
4/15/08 Thune Announces Tribal Economic Development Program
4/15/08 USGS/EROS Laptops Will Go to South Dakota Tribes
4/15/08 Thune Meets with Lewis and Clark Officials
4/15/08 Thune Urges Adoption of Senate Sodsaver Provision in Farm Bill
4/15/08 Thune Calls for Lasting, Meaningful Tax Reform
4/10/08 Senate Passes Critical Extension of Wind Production Tax Credit
4/4/08 Senator Thune Seeks Livestock Feed Storage Help from USDA
4/4/08 Thune Discusses Impending Oil Report with USGS
4/4/08 Thune Cosponsors Clean Energy Tax Stimulus Act