Recent Press Releases

Date Title
1/14/08 Senator Thune Heralds New Cellulosic Ethanol Study
12/19/07 Thune Attends Energy Bill Signing Ceremony President Signs Energy Bill with Historic Increased Renewable Fuels Standard
12/19/07 Thune Announces Agriculture Disaster Payments
12/19/07 Thune Measure to Restore Brookings Air Service Passes Senate
12/18/07 Senate Passes Omnibus Appropriations Bill
12/18/07 Senate Passes Medicare, SCHIP Extension Bill
12/18/07 Thune's Efforts to Extend Ad Hoc Disaster Deadline Successful
12/18/07 House Passes Energy Bill with Important Increase in Renewable Fuels Standard
12/17/07 Senator Thune Announces Passage of Wounded Warrior Bonus Equity Act
12/17/07 Energy Bill Includes Thune Provision to Expand Alternative Fuel Availability
12/14/07 Senate Passes 2007 Farm Bill
12/14/07 Senate Passes Defense Authorization Bill
12/13/07 Senate Passes Energy Bill with Historic Increased Renewable Fuels Standard
12/12/07 Thune Fights to Add RFS to Farm Bill
12/12/07 Nominate Above and Beyond South Dakotans
12/7/07 Congress Authorizes President to Award Medal of Honor to Woodrow Keeble
12/7/07 Thune Comments on 2007 Farm Bill
12/6/07 Thune Pushes for Increased Lewis and Clark Funding
12/6/07 Thune Receives Commendation for Conservation Efforts
12/5/07 Thune Heralds Ethanol Study
12/3/07 Thune's Efforts Successful USDA Agrees to Livestock Disaster Program Change
11/28/07 Thune Urges Transportation Security Administration to Keep Security Equipment in Brookings
11/28/07 Thune Leads Effort to Assist Livestock Producers
11/19/07 Thune Announces Major Telehealth Initiative in South Dakota
11/14/07 Senate Passes Head Start Bill