Recent Press Releases

Date Title
6/8/12 Obama Private Sector Comments Out of Touch, Insulting
6/5/12 Delegation Announces Additional Pine Beetle Funding
6/1/12 Thune Statement on May Jobs Report
5/25/12 Impact Aid Provisions Included in Defense Authorization Act
5/23/12 Thune, Sessions Demand Transparent Plan from Obama Administration for Implementing Sequestration Cuts
5/16/12 Senate Overwhelmingly Rejects President’s Tax and Spend Budget
5/16/12 Thune Statement on Senator Abdnor’s Passing
5/4/12 Thune Statement on TransCanada’s Second Request for Keystone Permit from Obama Administration
4/27/12 Senate Democrats Preside over Three Full Years with No Budget
4/26/12 Obama DOL Withdraws Radical Farm Labor Rule Following Pressure from Thune, Others
4/26/12 Senate Ag Committee Passes 2012 Farm Bill
4/24/12 Thune Criticizes Senate’s Failure to Protect Local Businesses from Burdensome NLRB “Ambush Election” Rule
4/23/12 Grassley, Thune Seek Answers on Federal Loan to Luxury Car Maker
4/21/12 Thune Statement on the Passing of Chuck Colson
4/16/12 Senate Rejects President’s Buffett Tax
4/13/12 Secretary of the Navy Announces Submarine USS South Dakota
4/12/12 Thune, Noem to Announce Pine Beetle Legislation
4/10/12 Buffett Tax: Political Distraction that won’t Create Jobs, Reduce Gas Prices, or Rein In Federal Spending
3/28/12 Thune Introduces Legislation to Permanently Repeal Death Tax
3/23/12 Thune Statement on Two-Year Anniversary of ObamaCare
3/22/12 Thune Attends Pine Beetle Meeting with Administration Officials
3/22/12 Thune Praises Senate Passage of JOBS ACT
3/21/12 Thune, Moran Introduce Bipartisan Bill to Block Overreaching DOL Farm Labor Rule
3/20/12 Thune, Vitter Concealed Carry Reciprocity Bill Would Balance Rights of States, Individual Gun Owners
3/13/12 Thune to Majority Leader Reid: Stop Playing Politics On Senate Floor, Take Up Bipartisan Jobs Act Now