Strengthening American Energy Security

Since being elected to Congress, I have worked to strengthen America’s energy security and increase the availability and use of alternative energy sources. I believe that supporting home-grown, American-made energy sources is important, not only for our economy and the environment, but also for our national security. Reducing our dangerous dependence on foreign governments’ energy supplies is a vital part of our nation’s safety and security. I will continue to promote pro-growth energy and environmental policies and work to reduce regulatory hurdles for stakeholders. By encouraging domestic energy production, increasing America’s renewable energy supply, and developing more efficient technology, we can ultimately achieve lower energy costs, lower emissions, greater energy independence, and a stronger economy. 

Home-Grown Energy

Biofuels are central to American agriculture and our energy security. Ethanol and biodiesel create jobs, add value to every bushel of harvested corn and soybeans, bolster our energy independence, and provide an affordable, cleaner fuel choice for consumers. In a very short period of time, our state has become one of the nation’s leaders when it comes to research, production, and use of renewable energy.

I have long supported the use of higher blends of biofuels, such as the year-round sale of E15 fuel, which is a readily available energy solution to leverage American agriculture and displace foreign sources of oil, all while lowering transportation emissions. I continue to fight to restore integrity to the Renewable Fuel Standard, including robust blending targets, the denial of small refinery exemptions, and pressing the Environmental Protection Agency to approve advanced fuels like ethanol derived from corn kernel fiber.

Biofuels and the South Dakota agriculture jobs and communities they support will continue to be a priority for me. I’m proud to support an industry powered by hardworking farmers and cutting-edge science in rural America. I will always stand for home-grown energy dominance, lower fuel costs, and consumer choice.

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