Volatile fuel costs continue to have a direct impact on families, farmers, and small business owners across South Dakota. It is critical that Congress act to lower the cost of gasoline for all Americans. By encouraging domestic oil and natural gas development and developing the next generation of biofuels, I believe that we will see a significant decrease in overburdening energy costs.

I believe it is vital that we continue to bolster our nation’s energy independence, especially given our nation’s current economic situation. The need to transition to renewable fuels, such as wind energy, ethanol, and biodiesel, could help reduce our dependence on foreign oil while providing a much-needed boost to our economy by creating jobs and decreasing energy costs. In addition to these homegrown fuels, domestic production of oil and natural gas is a critical component to America’s energy security. I will continue to push for environmentally responsible access to domestic sources of oil such as the reserves beneath the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge (ANWR).

Energy security will not happen overnight, but now is the time to take the necessary steps to increase America’s oil supply while reducing our consumption. By increasing supply, lowering consumption through technological innovation, and improving our oversight of commodity speculation, I believe we can stabilize energy prices and provide South Dakotans much-needed relief.