International markets are essential to South Dakota producers’ and small businesses’ bottom lines. American farmers, ranchers, and business owners need access to more than 95 percent of the world population beyond our borders. Our state may be small in population, but we are prolific in production, ranking among the top 10 states in exporting corn, wheat, cattle, soybeans, and hay. As our farmers, ranchers, and manufacturers become even more productive, we need to continue opening new markets around the world to our products. That’s why America can’t afford to stand still on trade while other nations sign new deals that benefit their farmers and manufacturers but disadvantage American producers.

We must also balance efforts to open new markets for American-made goods with strengthening and enforcing trade laws that hold our trading partners accountable and ensure they are playing by the rules. I will continue to advocate for new trade deals that open markets to our products and give American producers the ability to compete on a level playing field.