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Thune, Klobuchar Bill to Provide Licensure Clarity for Sports Medicine Professionals Heads to the President

Bipartisan legislation clarifies health services that sports medicine professionals can provide to an athlete, athletic team, or staff member outside the state of licensure

October 3, 2018


U.S. Sens. John Thune (R-S.D.) and Amy Klobuchar (D-Minn.) today issued the following statements after the Senate repassed a modified version of their bipartisan Sports Medicine Licensure Clarity Act, legislation to eliminate the ambiguity that currently exists with licensure and malpractice insurance for covered sports medicine professionals traveling across state lines with an athletic team. Absent clarification, when these health care providers treat an injured player in another state, they are potentially putting themselves at professional and financial risk.

“Sports medicine professionals provide an important service to athletes, on the road and at home,” said Thune. “I’m glad they will soon have the clarity they need to perform their job as efficiently and effectively as possible.”

“On the road or at home, sports medicine professionals should be able to treat athletes without putting themselves at legal risk,” said Klobuchar. “When this bill becomes law, doctors and other health care providers will be able to treat their athletes regardless of where their teams happen to be playing.”

The legislation will allow covered sports medicine professionals to engage in the treatment of injured athletes across state lines, as long as they have an agreement in place with the team or athlete being treated and are performing services within the scope of practice of their state of licensure.

The Senate passed the Sports Medicine Licensure Clarity Act in September.  It later became the vehicle for a larger legislative package in the House of Representatives, requiring an additional Senate vote. The bill now heads to the president for his signature.