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Thune: End the Obstruction

Senator Criticizes Obstructionist Democrats for Choosing Politics over Security

December 19, 2005

Washington, DC —  Senator John Thune (R-SD) today called for an end to the Democrat obstruction that is currently blocking several important provisions in the U.S. Senate:

"There is a small group of Democrats in the Senate who are standing in the way of a long list of important provisions to make America safer, provide much-needed relief to low-income families and hurricane victims, and equip our military with the tools and resources they need to continue their efforts.

"It is wrong to obstruct provisions to safeguard America against an Avian Flu pandemic, a necessary pay raise for our troops who are sacrificing every day on our behalf, and funding for the Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program, among other provisions. These are measures that have a majority of support in both chambers yet are being blocked by a minority of obstructionist Democrats who are choosing politics over progress.

"This is a filibuster on national security; a filibuster on the well-being of American families; and a filibuster on the safety of our troops. This is unacceptable for the American people, and I call on obstructionist Democrats to put politics aside and put the safety and security of all Americans first."