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Washington, D.C. — 

Senator John Thune today joined leaders of the Congressional Western Caucus to unveil the “Jobs Frontier” Report, which details the many ways in which the West can create jobs when not hamstrung by overreaching federal regulations. The report details numerous pro-growth policies that will help create jobs immediately, both in the West and throughout the country.

Included in the report is a bill introduced earlier in the year by Thune, S.781, to fix the flawed definition of “Renewable Biomass” included in the Energy Independence and Security Act of 2007, which excludes waste material removed from national forests and most private forestlands. This common sense proposal would allow approximately two billion tons of treatable biomass on federal forestland to be used for bioenergy production, while creating employment opportunities throughout South Dakota and the nation.

The full “Jobs Frontier” Report is available here.

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