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Washington, D.C. —  Dr. Condoleezza Rice will be a strong advocate for the spread of freedom and winning the war against terrorism, Sen. John Thune said today as the Senate debated her nomination to be Secretary of State.

“Dr. Rice embodies the best of America, with her distinguished professional career and admirable personal character,” said Thune (R-SD). “During her service to three U.S. presidents, she has helped shape a compassionate foreign policy that champions liberty around the world. Her leadership over the last four years helped develop the strategy that freed millions in Afghanistan and Iraq. As a trusted advisor to President Bush, Dr. Rice will begin her term as Secretary as a credible and respected representative of the president. The President could not have nominated a more able public servant to lead America’s foreign policy team. I urge the Senate to confirm Dr. Rice and support her efforts to spread freedom.”

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