Recent Op-Eds

Christmas is always a special time of year, but in a year when many in South Dakota and across the nation are feeling the uncertainty of the times, I hope that Christmas serves as a chance for families to gather and be strengthened by each other in preparation for the year ahead.

Every year, Christmas gives us an opportunity to reflect on the year that has passed. As South Dakotans take time to account for the blessings of the season, I wish for all of us to recognize that we have the capability for richness in our lives that has nothing to do with material success.

Like no other time of year, Christmas is a season for remembering those who are less fortunate than ourselves. In a difficult year, there are many opportunities for South Dakotans to make Christmas brighter for others, and that doesn't necessarily mean just charitable giving.

In lean years, donating your time can be just as fruitful as donating your treasure, and I encourage South Dakotans to consider options for helping others. As I travel across South Dakota throughout the year I never cease to be amazed by the open-hearted spirit of our state. I am frequently impressed by the generosity I see on display all the time, and I know that this Christmas will be no different.

I cannot neglect to mention those South Dakotans who will be spending Christmas very far away from friends and family because of their service in our Armed Forces. I know there are very few in South Dakota who do not know somebody who will be spending Christmas in harm's way, and I ask that all South Dakotans keep these brave young men and women in their prayers.

On behalf of my wife Kimberley and our daughters, I would like to wish all South Dakotans a very Merry Christmas. May God continue to bless South Dakota and our whole nation.