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After returning to work for a brief three week period following the August recess, Congress adjourned this week for the upcoming midterm elections without passing a budget resolution or any of the twelve appropriations bills for the new fiscal year which started on October 1st. Instead of spending time debating a budget or considering where to make spending reductions, Democrat leaders in the House and Senate have intentionally avoided these debates.

Congress' unwillingness to pass a budget resolution will ultimately lead to more federal spending, increased national debt, and less fiscal accountability.

Instead of taking a hard look at areas of federal spending that are wasteful, unnecessary, and irresponsible, Democrats have chosen to maintain unsustainable spending levels. While cutting spending may not be the politically expedient thing to do, it's the right thing to do-especially with an annual deficit of $1.3 trillion, which means that over the past year, the federal government has borrowed 40 cents out of every dollar spent.

Individuals and businesses are currently dealing with unprecedented uncertainty due to increasing federal regulations and Congress' failure to provide clarity on issues such as taxes, environmental regulations, and the overall economic recovery.

By failing to pass a budget or the annual appropriations bills, Congress is simply adding to the overall climate of doubt and uncertainty. Businesses around the country would not survive without carefully budgeting for their year. Congress has not performed this rudimentary task, which underscores why we must look at ways to reform the federal budget process.

If the leaders of our country are not willing to make tough economic decisions, the next generation of Americans could be forced to endure a lower standard of living. People across our state and the entire country are feeling the effects of the difficult economic times. South Dakota families and businesses are required to make hard choices on items they can and cannot afford. Washington ought to take a page from folks across our state and get our nation's fiscal house in order.