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School Days

August 30, 2013

Rising temperatures replaced the roar of motorcycles and the smell of State Fair funnel cakes as families across the state began another school year. Back to school ads in full swing, teachers prepping classrooms and lesson plans, and fall sports back on the newscasts mean students and parents are adjusting to their new routines.

Football games, marching band practice, cross country meets, and dance competitions begin filling up evenings calendars. While homework assignments, tests, and group projects keep students running from one thing to the next.

College students wrapped up summer jobs and internships they used to make some much needed cash for tuition payments and late night pizza. The well-stocked fridge and quiet roommates are gone, as is the free laundry service many enjoy while living at home. With their cars packed up, these young adults headed back to campus.

The back to school season is bittersweet for many parents, some of whom watched their kids go off to school for the first time, others saw their last child off for their senior year of high school, and even more are just watching their kids grow up too quickly.

In the hustle and bustle of the beginning of this new school year, let us also pause to remember the important role that parents and teachers play in the education of our students. Teachers play a pivotal role in shaping the future success of their students; and each and every one of us have special memories of teachers who put in the extra effort to help us succeed inside and outside of the classroom.

We are fortunate in South Dakota that our state offers students a high-quality education affording them opportunities both inside and outside the classroom. The future of our state lies in the success of our children; let’s strive to make this year the best school year yet in South Dakota.