Jobs, Taxes, and Economic Growth

Promoting Economic Growth and Small Business 

The economy is the number one issue that affects Americans’ daily lives. The ability to have a good-paying job to support yourself and your family is top of mind for most Americans. That’s why I’m a staunch advocate of policies that support job creators and strengthen our economy. Oftentimes the best thing Washington can do is get out of the way – that means reducing taxes, cutting back on government red tape, and streamlining programs that encourage workforce participation. 

As a member of the tax-writing Senate Finance Committee, the Senate Commerce Committee, and the Senate Agriculture Committee, I will continue working to ensure South Dakota’s small businesses, farms, and ranches are competing in an environment that encourages them to grow, create new jobs, and build healthier communities. I will continuously pursue pro-growth policies that will help strengthen our economy, increase wages, and lessen the burden on businesses.  


Hardworking South Dakotans should be able to keep more of what they earn, and one of my top priorities it to lower their tax burden. I have long supported tax relief for families, small businesses, farms, and ranches in South Dakota and around the country. In 2017, when Republicans were in control in Washington, we passed one of the most extensive overhauls of our tax code in American history. We lowered taxes for families and small businesses, simplified the tax filing process, and made it easier to save for retirement. I will continue to work with my colleagues in the Senate to enact legislation to make our tax code more focused on economic growth and one that allows taxpayers to keep even more of their hard-earned money.