Immigration, Border Security, and Law Enforcement

Stronger Border Security 

Border security is an essential part of national security. Every member of Congress, Republican and Democrat, should take our responsibility seriously to protect our nation by ensuring that our borders are secure. When our borders are not sufficiently secure, or there’s no accountability for those who break our laws, it only encourages continued illegal immigration. A porous border leaves us susceptible to illegal entry by gang members, human traffickers, drug dealers, and weapons traffickers. I have seen the crisis on our southern border firsthand, and I support strong immigration enforcement policies and ending this humanitarian crisis that has overwhelmed our resources at the border. As part of the solution, we must invest in our border, stop asylum abuse, and crack down on the traffickers and cartels that prey on migrants.

Improving the Immigration System 

In many ways, immigration has helped build this country. I strongly support making sure that the United States continues to offer a chance for individuals to achieve their dream of a better life and help them positively contribute to our nation. I also support temporary worker programs, like the H-2B visa program, which allows individuals from other countries to come to the United States for a limited time to work before returning to their home countries. This is a critical program that supplements our domestic workforce and enables South Dakota businesses, like those in the tourism industry, to handle peak seasonal demand. 

Recent Actions:

September 2006

Date Title
9/29/06 Thune: Senate Passes Border Fencing Bill

May 2006

Date Title
5/15/06 Thune Comments on President's Border Security Address