Fiscal Responsibility

Every South Dakota family must live within a budget, and I continue to believe the federal government should do the same.

For too long, out-of-control spending has been the norm in Washington. Spending across the entire federal budget must be reduced. In particular, spending on mandatory programs – those that are not subject to annual appropriations, like Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid, among other programs – continue to grow at a rate that far exceeds discretionary spending.

In fiscal year 2018 alone, spending on mandatory programs accounted for nearly two-thirds of all federal spending. Responsible reforms to mandatory programs are necessary to ensure benefits for current beneficiaries remain unchanged, while also ensuring benefits are available for our children and grandchildren.

Our tax dollars should always be spent as wisely as possible on all matters, but especially those that are important to South Dakota and our values. I stand ready to reduce spending, enact meaningful reforms to strengthen existing programs, and ultimately put our fiscal house back in order. 

It will take bipartisan cooperation to make these tough decisions, but the consequences of kicking the can down the road are too great for Congress not to take meaningful action.