Recent Press Releases

Washington, DC —  Senator John Thune made the following comments today after Senator Mark Dayton (D-MN) issued Thune an apology for his disparaging remarks about South Dakota:

"For months now, Senator Dayton has been attacking me personally. Just this morning in one of our nation's largest newspapers, Senator Dayton went so far as to characterize my efforts to create jobs in South Dakota and improve our economy as unethical. I let these attacks go because of their absurd nature. However, I felt it appropriate to demand an apology from Senator Dayton when he directly criticized the state of South Dakota.

"Senator Dayton has since issued an apology for his inappropriate remark about South Dakota. I accept Senator Dayton's apology and hope that he will now join me, and the rest of the South Dakota and Minnesota delegations, as we work to improve our region's economy. There is widespread support for the DM&E rail project in both South Dakota and Minnesota because it will create thousands of jobs."

Please find a PDF copy of Senator Dayton's letter of apology.