Recent Op-Eds

Representing the state of South Dakota in the U.S. Senate is one of the greatest honors of my life, but it wouldn’t mean anything without you: the dedicated and hard-working people who call South Dakota home. Those of you whom I’ve been lucky to meet and get to know over the years know that I try to escape the out-of-touch world of Washington, D.C., as often as possible. I take my responsibility of being your senator seriously and work hard for you every day I spend in Washington, bringing the common sense you expect and deserve to the capital city. But when the votes have closed, the committee hearings have ended, and the lights on the Senate floor start to dim, I head home to South Dakota for a fresh dose of reality. 

The work doesn’t end when I leave Washington, though. As you probably know, I have busy offices throughout the state that are constantly hard at work for you. My offices in Sioux Falls, Rapid City, and Aberdeen are strategically located across South Dakota to make it easier for you to contact my staff who are always willing and able to help you with questions, problems, or concerns you might have with the federal government.

If you’re not able to travel to one of our physical Senate offices, we’re always open online at It’s a great resource for all South Dakotans. I understand how quickly the Internet changes, so in order to remain at the forefront when it comes to the digital service we provide to you, we recently made some important updates to my website that will make it easier to navigate. Also, the website now has a responsive design, which means whether you’re viewing it on your desktop, mobile phone, or tablet, you’ll receive the same high-quality experience.

I’m also keenly aware that the way we communicate with one another has evolved, which is why I stay connected with you on social media. With just a few quick clicks or the opening of an app, you can send me a tweet or post a comment on some of my behind-the-scenes photos and videos. I try to share as much information as possible with you about bills we’re voting on or I have introduced, events I’m attending throughout the state, or my thoughts on the important issues of our time. I truly value your input, so please continue to send your thoughts my way on Twitter and Instagram at @SenJohnThune.

I look forward to seeing or hearing from you soon – maybe at a public meeting, local basketball game, or even in one of the aisles at the grocery store or hardware store. As we cross paths, please know that I will continue to listen, learn, and take our South Dakota values with me to Washington on your behalf. And if you’re visiting Washington for vacation or a conference, please stop in to say hello. It’s always nice to see some friendly faces in the marble halls of Congress!