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Thune: White House Budget Proposal for Lewis and Clark Water Project Unacceptable

Will Push for Greater Congressional Funding

February 5, 2007

Washington, DC —  Senator John Thune today issued the following statement regarding the Administration's Fiscal Year 2008 Budget proposal for the Lewis and Clark Rural Water Project:

"The Administration's proposal for Lewis and Clark funding is unacceptable and represents a step backwards. As a delegation, Senator Johnson, Representative Herseth and I have consistently pushed for increased funding for this important project so thousands of South Dakotans can have access to a clean, reliable water supply, and today's proposal is a far cry from our requests. Thankfully, it's only a proposal, and the White House doesn't write the final budget. Congress determines the ultimate funding levels in the budget, and I will continue to work with the South Dakota delegation to secure a much more appropriate funding level for Lewis and Clark that meets current needs and allows for the project to be completed in a timely manner.

"In addition, I will continue to work to prevent the Lewis and Clark funding levels for 2007 from being flat-lined at 2006 levels, as the Democrat leadership has proposed to do."

History of Lewis and Clark funding:
 AdministrationHouseSenateFinal Funding
FY 2006$15 M$15 M$20 M$17.325
FY 2007$21 M$22 M$23.5 M*
FY 2008$15 M  

The House and Senate will be working between now and September 30, 2007, to finalize the FY 2008 funding levels for all federal programs.

* Democrat House and Senate Leadership are pursuing flat-lined funding for FY 2007 at FY 2006 funding levels. If carried out, Lewis and Clark funding would remain at $17.325 million.