Health Care

Putting Patients First

I am committed to advancing common-sense, patient-centered health care solutions. We need to focus on solutions that will help make health care more affordable for all Americans, rather than expand the government’s role in providing health care. I support proposals that would make the private insurance market more competitive and ensure individuals and families have choices when it comes to their health care needs.

Supporting Rural Health Care

For Americans in rural parts of our country, a health care visit can mean hours on the road and limited options for care. As a member of the Senate Rural Health Caucus, I support initiatives to strengthen access to care in the most remote areas of the country. South Dakota has long been a leader in telehealth, which helps ensure that patients in rural areas have access to needed primary and specialty care.  We have made great strides to expand telehealth, both when it comes to building infrastructure and advancing reimbursement. I’m committed to continuing this momentum.