Honoring Our Veterans

For generations, South Dakotans have proudly answered the call to duty and served our country with honor and distinction, from the two world wars to Korea to Vietnam to the Persian Gulf to the Middle East. South Dakota has undoubtedly punched above its weight when it comes to military service. As the world has become more complex and dangerous, I am reminded daily of the freedoms and security we enjoy because of the selfless service of our veterans across our state and nation. 

I grew up in South Dakota with a deep appreciation for our military and veterans. My father was a fighter pilot who flew Hellcats off the U.S.S. Intrepid in the Pacific theater during World War II. I came to know the Greatest Generation through him – their humility, quiet service, deep patriotism, and dedication to the cause of freedom. I feel tremendous pride for what he, and so many other brave South Dakotans, have done for our great country. 

We can never repay the full cost of freedom that was earned on our behalf, but we can make sure that our veterans know that we are forever grateful for their service. Because of them, we can still call America a beacon of hope and opportunity around the world. It is the honor of my life to represent South Dakota veterans in Congress. I will continue to work with my colleagues in the Senate, veterans service organizations, and South Dakota veterans to ensure America’s veterans have the resources, support, and respect they need and deserve once their military service has ended. 

If you are a veteran and are having issues accessing the benefits owed to you by the U.S. government, please reach out to my office here


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