A Message from the Senator to Students

Senator Thune meets with the South Dakota students visiting D.C. for National History Day.President Reagan said, “Good citizenship and defending democracy means living up to the ideals and values that make this country great.” It is never too early to become involved in the political process of our great republic. Too often young people believe that what happens in Washington doesn’t matter, when in fact, it affects nearly every aspect of our lives.

My interest in politics began after making five of six free throws during a freshman basketball game. After the game I was greeted by a spectator who said, “I noticed you missed one.” That spectator happened to be well-known sports enthusiast and U.S. Representative and later, Senator Jim Abdnor.

Since then I have found the time I’ve spent in public service to be challenging and enjoyable. I encourage you to become involved in and aware of the decisions being made around you in your community and your country. I hope you find the information on these pages helpful in learning about how your government addresses the issues facing our great nation.  One way you can get involved is by becoming an intern in my office.  For more information on internship opportunities with my office visit my internship page.

If you have any questions, please e-mail me through my web form or call my office at 202-224-2321 or toll free from South Dakota at 866-850-3855.
Thank you for visiting my website.  I wish you the best of luck as you pursue your dreams.