Sen. Thune has a 100 percent pro-life record and works hard to ensure we are committed to a culture of protecting innocent lives. He believes that all persons have essential human dignity, including unborn children, and that the unborn are fully deserving of our society’s attention, provision, and care.

Highlights of Sen. Thune’s Commitment to Life:

  • In 2015, Sen. Thune Cosponsored Nine Bills to Protect the Unborn:
    • Sen. Thune supports bills that protect innocent life and ensure that taxpayer funds are not used to perform abortions.
    • Bills like the Health Care Conscience Rights Act, of which Sen. Thune is a cosponsor, would ensure that individuals and entities do not have to participate in abortion-related activities as a condition of receiving federal funds.
  • By Voting to Defund Planned Parenthood and Redirect Those Funds to Women’s Health, Sen. Thune Took a Stand for the Most Vulnerable in Society:                
    • By asking for investigations into Planned Parenthood and fetal tissue sales, Sen. Thune seeks to ensure that organ harvesting by organizations does not violate federal law, such as the partial birth abortion ban.
  • Sen. Thune Also Participates in a Program to Highlight South Dakotans Who Help Promote a Culture of Life by Selecting an “Angel in Adoption” Each Year:
    • Giving families and organizations a platform to highlight their work in connecting children with foster and adoptive families helps spread the message that there are always alternatives.

“We are grateful that our entire Congressional delegation respects life and has continually voted to support life,” Concerned Women of America of South Dakota, July 30, 2015