Defending Those Who Defend America

Supporting our troops should not be a partisan issue

Although President Obama has steadily reduced funding for our armed forces, Sen. Thune has consistently fought to keep our military spending away from partisan disputes. The men and women who defend our nation must have the equipment and training they need and the pay and benefits they deserve.

Sen. Thune’s father is a World War II veteran, giving him a unique perspective and commitment to the men and women in uniform who’ve defended the United States.

Highlights of Sen. Thune’s Commitment to Our Military:

  • Benefits for Our Troops:
    • Sen. Thune has consistently supported increased pay and robust benefits for our armed forces.
    • Making sure the children of military families have access to the best education should always be a priority, and Sen. Thune has fought hard to deliver on that commitment.
  • Veterans Benefits:
    • As men and women from both the active service and the National Guard return home from fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan and join other generations of selfless veterans, Sen. Thune will continue working to ensure they receive all the benefits to which they are entitled.