National Security a Top Priority

The United States must continue to confront potential terrorist attacks at home and stand up to threats abroad.

In an increasingly hostile world, America must confront threats to our national security, whether they’re from authoritarian rulers, rogue states, or terrorist organizations. As technology and social media allow extremists to radicalize individuals around the globe, the United States must remain vigilant and grant our intelligence organizations the tools they need to track down terrorists.

Highlights of Sen. Thune’s Commitment to National Security:

  • Standing Up to Russian Aggression:
    • Sen. Thune supported sanctions against Russia following the annexation of Crimea and the invasion of Eastern Ukraine.
  • Curbing Iran’s Nuclear Ambition:
    • In response to Iran’s nuclear program, Sen. Thune supported tougher sanctions that cut Iran off from world markets.
    • Sen. Thune opposed President Obama’s Iran nuclear deal that paves the way for Iran’s future nuclear weapons development.
  • Defeating ISIS:
    • Sen. Thune believes that defeating ISIS, not just containing them, is key to our national security.
    • For this reason, he supports giving our commanders in the field more leeway to make quick decisions as they conduct airstrikes against known ISIS targets.
  • Gathering Intelligence:
    • Sen. Thune voted to grant our intelligence personnel the tools they need to track and apprehend terrorists before they can conduct attacks against American citizens.
    • Sen. Thune has long supported the Patriot Act.
  • Protecting the Traveling Public:
    • Sen. Thune authored several important, time-sensitive safety and security improvements to the U.S. aviation system that were included in the Senate’s bipartisan aviation bill.