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Thune: Republicans Continue to Fight for American People While Democrats Prolong Process

“The country is burning, and [Democrats] want to play political games.”

March 23, 2020

Washington — 

U.S. Sen. John Thune (R-S.D.) today discussed his disappointment with the Democrats’ obstruction of the latest coronavirus relief legislation. Democrats have now voted twice to block this bipartisan legislation that would provide relief to Americans who are desperate for help. Thune emphasized that this action only further delays the process of getting families, hospitals, medical workers, those who are unemployed – people who need relief the most – the resources they need.  

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Excerpt of Thune’s remarks below:

“The country is burning, and your side wants to play political games. It’s time to get this done. The American people expect us to act. They need action. We need to work together to get this done for the American people. But don’t come out here and say over and over and over again this is bailouts for big corporations. This bill is about workers, it’s about people, it’s about families, it’s about people who are hurting out there economically. And we need to do something about it, and we’re in a position to do something about it. And it’s high time that we did.”