Recent Press Releases

Washington, DC —  Senator John Thune today introduced the Fostering Independence Through Technology (FITT) Act, which would expand the use of telehealth under Medicare in rural and underserved communities across the country. The FITT Act would create pilot programs across the country to provide incentives for home health agencies to use home monitoring and communications technologies.

"Health care in this country faces a looming crisis, with access diminishing and costs on the rise. The use of innovative technology in the delivery of health care has been a proven method in providing quality care while reducing costs," Thune said. "I have been a strong supporter of the practice of telemedicine, which improves the quality of health care being delivered in rural areas like South Dakota where patients may not otherwise have access to the specialists or the expertise they require.

"Today I've introduced the FITT Act, which encourages home health agencies to use home monitoring and communications technologies for Medicare beneficiaries. This legislation would further the practice of telemedicine and provide increased access to quality health care at a lower price for American taxpayers.

"I'm hopeful my colleagues will join me in passing this legislation. We need to always be looking for ways to bring technological advancements to the health care industry to boost access, improve the quality of care and reduce costs for American families."