Recent Press Releases

Washington, DC —  Senator John Thune today introduced an amendment to the emergency spending supplemental bill that would provide an additional $20 million for veterans' health care. Amendment #3704 would shift $20 million from the Americorps program to the Veterans Administration.

"Rather than pouring more money into an ineffective demonstration program with a history of management problems, taxpayers would be better served to have that money dedicated to improving health care funding for our veterans," said Thune. "As more of our soldiers return from Afghanistan and Iraq and separate from service, it is critical that we expand access for these veterans to needed primary health care services.

"The Americorps National Civilian Community Service Corps program has been wrought with mismanagement and cost overruns. According to the Administration, Americorps 'volunteers' receive $28,000 worth of compensation for their service. It would be a better use of taxpayer dollars to spend this money on America’s veterans."

Thune's amendment was not accepted.