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WASHINGTON, D.C. —  On the one-year anniversary of Obamacare, Senator John Thune today commented on the failed promises of the law:

"One year ago today, the president and congressional Democrats celebrated the passage of Obamacare, despite the vocal outcry of the American people. As predicted, critics' concerns have been confirmed and Americans are now left with higher premiums, higher taxes, more government mandates, and more government spending, while millions of others stand to lose the coverage they currently have and like. The health spending law has negatively impacted nearly every sector of our society, including senior citizens, children, young adults, families, and both small and large businesses.

"I am committed to repealing this costly law, especially its most egregious provisions including the 1099 paperwork mandate that will harm up to 40 million businesses, and the CLASS Act, a long-term care entitlement program, which Health and Human Services Secretary has said is `totally unsustainable.'"